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Núria Llort

      Art Animal

Dog Grooming Salon & Training Centre

Handler / Specialist in Terriers

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My goal in life is to be the kind of a person my dog  thinks I am.

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I moved to Spain 10 years ago with 4 Norfolk Terriers, I thought I could have a challenge to find a dog groomer who would be able to maintain the coat of my terriers in the same manner as it was done in the UK.  


I tried several different groomers and was never happy with the results. I also noticed that the quality and colour of my dogs coats had deteriorated over the years.  Then I found Núria Llort in Barcelona.


After only a few grooming sessions in Núria’s capable hands I could see a vast improvement in both the quality and a very dramatic restoration to the original red colour of my dogs coat.


The technique required is hand-stripping, in order to remove the correct “dead & colourless” hair.  For years my previous groomers had been stripping out the good hair and leaving the dead hair, resulting in a dull, lifeless coat.


Now my dogs are restored to their former glory, with deep red tones, thick, lustrous and healthy.


If you want your dog to look its best I highly recommend Núria Llort- Art Animal


Michael @  www.thenorfolkterrier.com