Núria Llort


Núria Llort

      Art Animal

Dog Grooming Salon & Training Centre

Handler / Specialist in Terriers

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My goal in life is to be the kind of a person my dog  thinks I am.

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Castellano Catalan

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A dog from which I learned a lot, and I still love working with the breed,  at weekly shows and we won a lot with him.  His temperament still stays with me

PJ-Bichon Havanese. 2009-2010 USA

PJ -Bichon Havanese. 2009/2010 USA

wallpaper 3 nuria. clase Campionat perruqueria internacional

International Championships-Artero 2011

Hand-Stripping (Silver Medal)


West Highland White Terrier

nuria. west highland clase Campionat perruqueria i

International Championships Castellar Groom 2008

Hand-Stripping class (Gold medal and best technic Hand-Stripping)


West Highland White Terrier